Hi! My Name is JoAnn

Hello! I’m that Cakeway Cookies girl, and I believe in the power of homemade goods as a language of love, a lesson ingrained in me by my beloved grandmother. With over 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur, an MBA, and an IT background from my service with the US Army, I’ve learned how to navigate the business and technology worlds while keeping my passion for baking and creating at the heart of it all.

The path hasn’t always been clear cut. Before founding the Smart Cookie Collective and the Creative Business Academy, I spent time as a teacher, both for adults and children. But it was my partnership with a local bakery, where I began teaching cookie decorating classes, that things began to take shape. It was the catalyst that led me to redefine the cookie decorating experience. Seeing the joy in my students as they mastered their craft, I knew I had to take my methods to a broader audience.

And so, the 6-step success path for cookie decorating mastery was born. Each step—Interest, Foundation, Organization, Implementation, Creativity, Presentation—is designed to be easy to understand, breaking down new skills into actionable steps that anyone can reproduce. From the novice to the seasoned decorator, each person finds their level and grows from there. Their success is my motivation.

Take one of my students, who after only two months posted her decorated cookies with so much pride. She’s excited about the growth she’s already experienced and eager to continue. That’s the kind of impact I aim to make with every single person who enrolls in my courses.

When I created the Creative Business Academy, my goal was to bridge the gap between cookie decorating and business. I wanted to show that you can take a passion—be it baking or any other home-based hobby—and turn it into a thriving business. You don’t need a business degree or spend tons on tech to make your dream come true. My background in business, information systems, and technology, combined with my practical experience, makes me uniquely qualified to guide others towards financial freedom.

I am approachable, supportive, and empowering, and I strive to create an inclusive learning environment. I want my students to feel comfortable asking questions, seeking guidance, and reaching their full potential. So whether you’re here to learn how to decorate cookies or start a home-based business, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to the journey. I can’t wait to see where it takes you.

What They Say

Thanks to your guidance, I’ve successfully baked, iced, and decorated my very first batch of cookies. Your help was invaluable in this process!

Janet S.

I’m finally getting my consistencies down better. Almost 2 months in and I see so much growth already. Can’t wait to continue growing in this cookie business.

Krista S.

Finally just dove in and made my first batch of decorated cookies. I obviously need to practice more but I think they came out good for my first try!

Michelle C.